Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in AAX


Why haven’t I received the Deposit yet?

A withdrawal as “Success” or “Completed” does not particularly mean that the exchange has fully processed the transaction. In a better definition, this means that the transaction has been successfully posted on the Blockchain network. Once the transaction has been successfully listed on the Blockchain network, the time it takes for the blocks to be confirmed may vary due to the congestion of the type of coin. As a result, it is very normal for unexpected/unusual delays in processing your transaction. For more specific information check your TxID to follow the status on the Blockchain network

Status: Unconfirmed: This is beyond exchange’s control. The transaction has to be processed on the Blockchain for the block to fill up for confirmation

For BTC (Bitcoin) or BTC projects, your transactions should arrive by 1-10 confirmations depending on the value

For ETH (Ethereum) or Ether projects, your transactions should arrive after 30 block confirmations

If you have sent from another exchange and the TxID has not been generated, please contact the other stakeholder exchange for inquiry.

What should I do if I fail to receive the digital currency recharge transfer from other platforms to AAX?

Since digital currency recharge requires block confirmation, please wait patiently. If the block is confirmed and still hasnt arrived for a long time, please contact AAX online customer service.

How to handle an error transaction?

Our system will NOT automatically detect if a payment had paid the wrong amount or to an incorrect account. Please contact the merchant as soon as possible to either rearrange payment or cancel the existing one. If the payment has made to an incorrect account, AAX nor the merchant would able to provide further assistance in tracing the original transaction, please contact the recipient and arrange refund at your earliest convenience. For further assistance, please contact our customer representative with the transaction details.

What if the Tag/Memo/Payment Remark is incorrect?

There is certain currency require a Tag/Memo/Payment Remark before the payment can proceed. If user inputs an incorrect remark, please contact our customer service through live chat to request an amendment for the deposit/withdraw transaction:

AA User ID, Amount and Currency, TxID, Correct Tag/Memo/Payment Remark.

Whether AAX supports ETH and TRX contract deposit?

AAX does not support ETH and TRX contract transfer and deposit. If you encounter this situation, please contact our online customer service to explain the situation for inquiries.

If you repeat the wrong contract deposit operation, we will charge a certain amount of administrative fees to assist in the recovery.

Minimum deposit amount of coins on AAX

Please check the minimum deposit amount requirements for each coin of AAX.

Note: Any deposits less than the minimum will not be credited or refunded.
Coin Name Transfer network Min deposit amount
ADA Cardano ADA 10 ADA
AKRO Akropolis ERC20 70 AKRO
BAND Band Protocol ERC20 0.01 BAND
BAT Basic Attention Token ERC20 5 BAT
BCH Bitcoin Cash Node BCH 0.004 BCH
BNT Bancor Network Token ERC20 0.6 BNT
BSV Bitcoin SV BSV 0.01 BSV
BTC Bitcoin BTC 0.0005 BTC
CEL Celsius Network ERC20 1 CEL
COMP Compound ERC20 0.006 COMP
CRV Curve DAO Token ERC20 0.03 CRV
DOGE Dogecoin DOGE 40 DOGE
DOT Polkadot DOT 2 DOT
ELF Aelf ERC20 5 ELF
ETC Ethereum Classic ETC 0.01 ETC
ETH Ethereum ETH 0.01 ETH
FTT FTX Token ERC20 0.5 FTT
KNC Kyber Network ERC20 1 KNC
KSM Kusama KSM 0.1 KSM
LINK ChainLink ERC20 1 LINK
LTC Litecoin LTC 0.001 LTC
MKR MakerDAO ERC20 0.002 MKR
OMG OmiseGO ERC20 0.1 OMG
POWR Power Ledger ERC20 2 POWR
QTUM Qtum Blockchain QTUM 0.01 QTUM
REEF Reef Finance ERC20 47 REEF
SNX Synthetix ERC20 0.2 SNX
SUSHI Sushi ERC20 0.14 SUSHI
THETA Theta Token Theta 0.1 THETA
UNI Uniswap ERC20 1.3 UNI
WBTC Wrapped Bitcoin ERC20 0.000097 WBTC
XLM Stellar XLM 4XLM
XRP Ripple XRP 0.1 XRP
YFI yearn.finance ERC20 0.0002 YFI
YFII DFI.Money ERC20 0.0025 YFII
ZEC Zcash ZEC 0.001 ZEC
ZIL Zilliqa ZIL 1 ZIL
CHZ chiliZ ERC20 92 CHZ
NEJ EnjinCoin ERC20 0.63 NEJ
MANA Decentraland MANA ERC20 10 MANA

What will happen if I deposit by wrong currency type?

Different currencies are supported by different addresses, which means that if a certain currency is sent to the wrong address, this could result in the permanent loss of those funds. To avoid this, please ensure that you’re transferring a compatible currency.


Is KYC verification required for withdrawal?

Withdrawal refers to referring your digital currency assets to other addresses (such as wallets, exchanges). If KYC Level 1 verification is not performed, the withdrawal limit within 24 hours is 2 BTC; after KYC Level 1 verification is completed, the withdrawal limit within 24 hours is 100 BTC . For the safety of your account and assets, it is recommended that you complete the KYC Level 1 verification as soon as possible.

What to do if withdrawing to a wrong address?

AA is unable to trace or return any payment that had went through but to a wrong address, please try to contact the recipient with other measures.

USDT withdrawal methods

There are three types of USDT withdrawal: Omni, ERC, and TRC. Currently, AAX withdrawals only support Omni and ERC, and the ERC method will be faster. In the future, we will also support the withdrawal method of TRC.



How long does a spot trading purchase usually take?

After the order is being placed at spot trading, the order will be sent to processing for on the order book.

The asset will be deposited into the wallet directly in real time once the transaction is completed.

The minimum/maximum trading amount of Spot Trading pairs

BTC Pair Minimum Trading Amount Maximum Trading Amount
AAVE/BTC 0.01 200
BAT/BTC 5 50000
BCH/BTC 0.005 50
BNT/BTC 1 10000
BSV/BTC 0.05 50
COMP/BTC 0.01 100
DOCK/BTC 100 1000000
ELF/BTC 20 99999999
EOS/BTC 1 99999999
ETC/BTC 0.02 2000
ETH/BTC 0.002 99999999
KNC/BTC 2 99999999
LINK/BTC 0.1 5000
LTC/BTC 0.01 99999999
NEO/BTC 0.1 99999999
OMG/BTC 0.5 99999999
SNX/BTC 0.2 2000
TRX/BTC 20 99999999
XLM/BTC 5 99999999
XRP/BTC 2 99999999
ZEC/BTC 0.01 99999999
ZIL/BTC 50 99999999
USDT Pair Minimum Trading Amount Maximum Trading Amount
AAB/USDT 5 50000
AAVE/USDT 0.01 200
ADA/USDT 5 400000
AKRO/USDT 100 10000000
AUDIO/USDT 8 187500
AXS/USDT 0.2 7900
BAT/USDT 50 50000
BCH/USDT 0.005 290
BNB/USDT 0.01 800
BNT/USDT 1 10000
BSV/USDT 0.05 50
BTC/USDT 0.0001 99999999
BTT/USDT 4000 600000000
CAKE/USDT 0.5 3000000
CEL/USDT 1 20000
CHZ/USDT 20 2000000
COMP/USDT 0.01 100
CVC/USDT 30 50000
DOCK/USDT 100 1000000
DOGE/USDT 1 1000000
DOT/USDT 0.1 25000
ENJ/USDT 5 300000
EOS/USDT 1 99999999
ETC/USDT 0.02 2000
ETH/USDT 0.002 99999999
FIL/USDT 0.2 26000
FTT/USDT 0.1 10000
HT/USDT 0.5 15000
KSM/USDT 0.01 2500
LINK/USDT 0.1 5000
LPT/USDT 0.4 15000
LRC/USDT 20 857000
LTC/USDT 0.01 99999999
MANA/USDT 10 500000
MATIC/USDT 10 150000
MKR/USDT 0.002 120
NEO/USDT 0.1 99999999
OKB/USDT 0.1 15000
OMG/USDT 0.5 99999999
PAXG/USDT 0.005 800
PSG/USDT 0.6 99000
QTUM/USDT 0.5 5000
RAY/USDT 2.5 360000
REEF/USDT 200 100000
REN/USDT 15 610000
REP/USDT 0.6 85000
SAND/USDT 20 700000
SHIB/USDT 500000 50000000000
SNX/USDT 0.2 2000
SOC/USDT 400 59000000
SOL/USDT 0.3 5000000
SRM/USDT 2 750000
STEP/USDT 20 190000
TFUEL/USDT 17 690000
THETA/USDT 1 45000
TRX/USDT 20 99999999
UMA/USDT 0.5 24000
UNI/USDT 0.5 12000
USDC/USDT 10 1000000
VET/USDT 120 130000
XLM/USDT 5 99999999
XRP/USDT 2 99999999
XVS/USDT 0.3 5000000
YFI/USDT 0.0001 0.1
ZEC/USDT 0.01 99999999
ZEN/USDT 0.1 3600
ZIL/USDT 50 99999999
ZRX/USDT 2 99999999

What is the minimum amount of digital assets purchase?

The minimum order sizes for each trading pair is adjusted periodically to maintain order sizes that are reasonably proportioned to their values. The ultimate goal is to keep the minimum order size between 10-25 USD equivalent value while limiting the changes to the minimum order sizes to useful incremental value.

Instruction of Cancelling an Order

After an order has been placed, a trader could go on to the order book to perform amendment or cancellation. As of the exchange performs in real time, the order would have been gone through already.

Please confirm the price and quantity before placing an order.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in AAX
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in AAX

How commission rebates are calculated?

Futures volume counts 1.5 times to that of Spot, clients rebate is counted by summing up the total trade volumn of both according to relavant tiers.

Rebate calculating example

For example

At month end, a client traded 1 milion USD Spot trade and 6 millions USD Futures trade.
1. Turnover = 1 (Spot) + 9 (Futures 6*1.5X) = 10 mil USD ;
2. which belongs to the tier of 0.05% Makers fee;
3. Rebate = Return per trade commission * (1-0.05/0.06) for all maker trades
4. Rebate = Return per trade commission * (1-0.08/0.10) for all taker trades
5. Aggregate all commission rebate, make a rebate per currency

What Are Limit TP/SL Orders (Strategy Order)

When placing a futures trading order, you will be able to set the [Take Profit] and [Stop Loss] orders simultaneously.

Select [Leverage], select [Order Type], enter [Price] and [Amount]. Then, check the box next to [Stop Limit] to set the [Take Profit] and [Stop Loss] prices based on the [Last Price] or [Mark Price]. Next, click [Buy/Long] or [Sell/Short] to place the order.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in AAX
You can check your orders under the [Open Orders] tab.

Click [Check] under [Stop Limit] to view order details.

TP/SL price can not be modified under the [Open Orders] tab. If you want to modify it, please cancel the order and place a new order.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in AAX
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in AAX
When an pending order is triggered, you can add or modify the TP/SL under the [Positions] tab. This will be applied to the entire position.

After closing the position, the TP/SL will be automatically canceled.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in AAX
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in AAX
Can I set multiple TP/SL for my orders?

1) If there is a floating position order with a TP/SL setting, the order will be filled with the TP/SL of the floating position order.

2) If there is no floating position order with TP/SL setting, the TP/SL of the first filled order will be used to take profit or stop loss for all your positions. Other TP/SL will be automatically canceled when the order is created.

For example, you placed 2 pending orders with different TP/SL prices. Order B is filled first, Order A is filled 10 minutes later, then the TP/SL of Order A will be automatically canceled at the time it’s been filled. Therefore the current position (combined No.A and B pending orders) has the TP/SL coming from Order No.B.
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